Principle of iteration compostion of sector models for full field reservoir simulation of giant fields

Authors: S.V. Kostuchenko, A.S. Bordzilovsky, I.S. Ignatov, E.I. Shapieva (SIAM-Engineering JSC)
The full field simulation of large reservoirs with number of cells more than 107 using majority of modern hydrodynamic simulators is hampered or even impossible. However, often such problem is topical. The consistency of an initial model is provided with matching of pressure fields and fluid flows on the boundaries of adjacent sector models for each time step of simulation. Authors offer to perform such conjugation by executing on special iterative algorithm realized in the form of the software. The principle of iterative conjugation of sector models can be realized practically for anyone modern hydrodynamic simulator. This provides the new unique possibilities for simulation of large reservoirs, simulation on initial geological grids (without upscaling), paralleling and acceleration of simulation, usage different simulators for each sector model. The technology is demonstrated by the example of test models and real full-field simulation model.

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