Vertical permeability profile determination using well data

Authors: M.M. Khasanov, K.V. Toropov, A.A. Lubnin (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC)
In this article we propose a new approach to calculation of a vertical permeability profile in wells based on the integration of log and well test data (fr om active or passive experiments) and a priory reservoir heterogeneity information, derived fr om core sample analysis or water cut dynamics. Mathematically, this problem can be described as permeability estimation for reservoir intervals by their ranking in the order of filtration characteristics increasing (based on well log data) and by applying of the order statistics methods (non-reference measurements) to the obtained ranked sample. The proposed technique allows a considerable process acceleration and quality improvement in history matching of 3D dynamic models, where even the first approximation of permeability (at the stage of model initialization) gives the best fit to a true distribution.

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