Study of effect of different types of silicate inclusions in corrosive medium on protective properties of corrosion inhibitor SNPCH-6201

Authors: O.V. Ugryumov, O.A. Varnavskaya, O.V. Lukjanov, T.A. Zakharchenko, D.N. Lebedev, S.V. Samojlov, G.V. Romanov (NIIneftepromchim JSC)
It is noted mechanical impurities occurred in the samples of hydrogen sulfate-containing fluid “Tatarstan” in the form of silica sand or clay inclusions reduce the performance of the corrosion inhibitor. The residual concentration of the corrosion inhibitor was established by NMR-spectroscopy. The critical density of the mechanical impurities drastically reducing the efficiency of the corrosion inhibitor was specified.e efficiency of the corrosion inhibitor was specified.

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