Heavy metals accumulation in soils of Tatarstan Republic and their etiological role in ecosystems

Authors: R.M. Gareev (Tatneft OAO), M.N. Mingazov (TatNIPIneft), A.V. Ivanov (Kazan State Medical University)
The authors discuss the mechanism of ingress and accumulation of subsurface degassing products (fluids, gases, and heavy metals salts) in soils. Results of geodynamic and lithogeochemical survey were used to study geochemical landscape of the Kirmen-Tanaiskaya area of the North-Tatarian Arch. Natural mechanism of heavy metals salts accumulation in soil has been determined. Etiological role of heavy metals in ecosystems has been analyzed, and procedure of remediation of the latter by use of concentrator plants has been offered.

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