Differentiating reservoir properties of terrigenous bobrik reservoirs derived from core and log data

Authors: R.F. Davletshin, A. Asklu (TatNIPIneft)
The purpose of this paper is to develop the technology for differentiation of oil reservoirs according to percolation index, and, thereupon, to gain more accurate permeability/porosity curves. The survey was carried out with a large volume of core material acquired from Lower Carbon deposits in oil fields of Tatarstan (Russia). It resulted in surveying of petrographic and petrophysical features of core, in studying of porosity and permeability distribution, electrical resistivity, bound water, and in estimation of percolation index boundaries for differentiation of reservoirs. Refined permeability-porosity curves were generated in identified percolation index intervals which are characterized by a higher level of connection and therefore improve reliability of permeability estimation resulting from well logging data interpretation. The acquired data indicates that the technology may be used in other areas and in other lithological sequences during solving of geological tasks and development of oil fields.

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