Contamination of oil-field environments of Kalchinskoye field by sulfate-reducing bacteria and reagents for their suppression

Authors: N.V. Kutlunina, E.P. Mingalev, L.V. Filimonova, A.G. Perekupka, (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO), Yu.V. Oparin (Tyumenneftegaz OAO)
Results of research of Kalchinskoye field wells production contamination by sulfate-reducing bacteria and determination of efficiency of 12 samples of commodity forms of bactericides and corrosion inhibitors - bactericides are presented. The reagents, which have shown bactericidal (not less than 98 %) and protective corrosion (more than 50 %) effects in the environments, containing sulfate-reducing bacteria, H2S and CO2, are recommended to field tests at Kalchinskoye field.

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