Results of experimental-industrial test of the demulsificators Decleave™ at NNP OAO objects

Authors: A.M. Mukhamadiev, E.N. Bufetov, I.I. Akhmetov (Mirrico LLC)
The basic flow diagram of oil treating at the Khokhryakovskoye field central gathering station, which provides processing of production, incoming from the wells of Khokhryakovskoye, Kolik-Yeganskoye, Malosiktorskoye fields, and also partially dehydrated oil of Koshilskoye and Permyakovskoye fields, is given. Demulsificators of Decleave ™ series are investigated by Bottle test technique on natural water-oil emulsions in view of real conditions of oil treating. The most effective demulsificators are determined.

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