Squeeze cementing in oil wells with use of hydrocarbon based grouting mortars

Authors: T.V. Khismetov, A.M. Bershtejn (Research & Engineering Center GeotechnoKIN ZAO), M.A. Silin, L.A. Magadova, N.N. Efimov (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas), A.A. Khalzov, V.V. Orekhov (Orenburgneft OAO), E.A. Gorobets, A.S. Grishchenko (Samotlorneftegaz OAO)
Waterless hydrocarbon based grouting mortar composition and technology for selective water influx isolation in producing wells with carbonate reservoirs, and also for consolidation of isolating compositions in wells with terrigenous reservoirs are developed. High selective and isolating properties of the given grouting mortar by the example of fields of the Orenburg and Tyumen Oblasts are confirmed.

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