Results of complex tests of pumping rods technical diagnostic tools in Tatneft OAO from the point of view of quality of the system of maintenance service and their practical importance

Authors: V.A. Klimov, K.V. Valovsky (TatNIPIneft), V.V. Gavrilov (Bavlyneft NGDU), R.R. Ishmurzin (Dzhalilneft NGDU), V.S. Voronkov (Leninogorskneft NGDU)
The suitability and capability of interchangeability of the most widespread physical methods of nondestructive control for an estimation of efficiency of pumping rods secondary use is analysed. For the first time the accelerated compa - rative complex tests of technical diagnostic tools and pumping rods are founded, planned, methodically provided and successfully carried out. Diagnostic characters of pumping rods fatigue failure are confirmed by results of complex tests. Additional requirements to the pumping rods diagnostic assurance are founded and formulated.

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