Increasing efficiency and quality of geological-exploration operations at Kovitkinskoye gas-condensate field

Authors: V.A.Kazakov, D.I.Drobot, B.Y.Hairullin, V.I.Mehov, M.H.Ismagilov (Company “Rusia Petroleum”, NPP “Sibbyrmash”)
The problem of coring with high core recovery is solved. Presented are results of operations on isolated core recovery from P2 layer of Parfenovskiy and Bohanskiy formations. Obtained are high quality data by applying core isolating device KI 127/80 with drill bit 6L 138/80 RSA for drilling-in this layer. Produced is a unique material for systematic study of pre-Cambrian productive complexes of Angara-Lena oil-gas bearing region.

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