The use of coatings on liquid-end parts of main line pumps for oil and oil products to increase their efficiency

UDK: 622.692.48
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2023-2-96-100
Key words: main line pump, pump's liquid-end part, composite coatings, coating service life, improving the pump efficiency, accelerated tests of coatings, water repellency, surface roughness, adhesion
Authors: I.A. Flegentov (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow), D.M. Starshinov (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow), A.G. Ivanov (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow), E.A. Ryabtsev (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow)

Improving the energy efficiency of a main line pump for oil and oil products during its operation is an important scientific and engineering problem due to the high consumption of power by a hydraulic machine. One of the methods to increase the pump efficiency is improving the hydrodynamic properties of the liquid-end surfaces in centrifugal pumps. This method is one of the promising ways to improve the energy efficiency of pumping equipment through reducing hydraulic losses when transferring mechanical energy to the pumped oil flow. The main advantage of this approach is preserving the design of main line pump (it does not require making any changes in the liquid end configuration and geometric parameters of working parts).

The authors have considered the results of studies of the properties of various composite coatings, which allow improving the pump performance when applying such coatings to liquid ends. The studies were carried out in laboratory conditions according to the developed methods of accelerated testing. We have presented the main provisions of the methodology on carrying out accelerated tests of composite coatings to be used in main line pumps for oil and oil products. This methodology has allowed us to describe the operational properties of composite coatings and to calculate the predicted service life of such coatings when applying them to liquid-end parts of main line pumps. The results of test confirmed the improvement of hydrodynamic properties of liquid-end surfaces in main line pumps for oil and oil products. Based on the tests performed, we have justified the feasibility of using coatings on the liquid-end parts of main line pumps for oil and oil products in the form of increased efficiency when applying coatings to liquid-end parts (from 0.27 to 3.7 %, depending on the main line pump's standard size).


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