Software robotization system in Zarubezhneft Group of Companies

UDK: 681.518:622.276
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2023-2-51-54
Key words: robotic process automation (RPA), digitalization, digital transformation, digital ecosystem
Authors: T.I. Mullagaliev (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), E.L. Prudnikov (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), V.V. Maksimenko (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow)

Software robotization in Zarubezhneft Group of Companies is actively implementing starting from 2020 as part of the digital transformation. To solve the problems of increasing operational efficiency Zarubezhneft JSC formed two competence centers for software robotization: at VNIIneft JSC (for robotization of production processes) and at Nestro LLC (for robotization of accounting processes). At the first stage in 2020-2021 a platform Robin for creating software robots was chosen. The capabilities of software robotization were successfully tested on pilot production processes of the corporate center of Zarubezhneft JSC with the involvement of the VNIIneft Competence Center. At the second stage in 2021-2022 robotization of 10 processes for the corporate center was completed with a total labor cost saving of 235 man-hours per month. In addition, the Competence Center robotized 8 accounting processes within the perimeter of VNIIneft JSC, with a total labor cost saving of 104 man-hours per month. It is expected that employees will be able to use the freed up time to solve creative, rather than routine tasks. The payback period for the development of one robot is up to 6 months. At the moment, the transition to the third stage is being carried out with the replication of the experience of software robotization in the subsidiaries of Zarubezhneft JSC. As part of the third stage, VNIIneft JSC is developing a software infrastructure that allows to create and control the operation of software robots using Open Source technologies. This approach will allow to get away from using a licensed platform and to made more flexible the functionality of the developed robots, not being limited to a fixed set of tools of the existing platform. This infrastructure will allow integrating previously developed software robots on Robin. Thus, the implementation of the software robotization system in the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of information processing, increase productivity and quality in robotic processes.

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