Identification of remaining oil in place on local uplifts of the White Tiger basement

UDK: 553.98.041
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2023-2-17-19
Key words: basement, Vietnam offshore, Cuu Long Basin, seismic interpretation, remaining oil in place, local upwards, well events
Authors: A.R. Gazizyanov (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), A.G. Chvertkov (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), A.V. Gubaev (Zarubezhneft JSC, RF, Moscow)

The search, exploration and reserves increment is one of the most important tasks in the work of each petroleum geologist. The increase in reserves can be achieved both through the discovery of new fields and through additional exploration of existing ones. The unique White Tiger field was discovered and brought into development in 1975-1986. The field is at the final stage of development. Basement is the main object from the beginning of development to this day. In the current situation, the actual task is the additional exploration of the field and the search for areas for drilling new wells and sidetracking.

In this work a detailed seismic interpretation (tracking) of the basement roof was carried out. After seismic interpretation structural constructions were completed and small structures were identified or refined – local uplifts. These local uplifts contain oil. The authors focus on the importance of detailed seismic interpretation both at the stage of putting the field into development and at the final stages of field development. Detailed seismic interpretation helps identify residual oil reserves in the final stages of field development. As a result 21 promising points for drilling new wells are identified, and estimation of oil reserves is made for the best forecasting. Recommendations for drilling five wells in the near future are given.


1. Pereschet zapasov nefti i rastvorennogo gaza mestorozhdeniya Belyy Tigr po sostoyaniyu na 01.01.2017 godaВ (Recalculation of oil and dissolved gas reserves of the White Tiger field as of 01.01.2017), Vungtau: Publ. of V’etsovpetro, 2017.

2. Geologicheskoe stroenie i neftegazonosnost’ shel’fovykh neftyanykh mestorozhdeniy SP “V’etsovpetro”В (Geological structure and oil and gas content of the offshore oil fields of JV «Vietsovpetro»): edited by Tu Than Nghia, Veliev M. M., St. Petersburg: Nedra Publ., 2016, 524 p.

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