Experience in combining modern methods of seismic exploration and sedimentation modeling on the example of the Cuu Long Basin (Vietnam)

UDK: 519.868:55
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2023-2-12-16
Key words: Vietnam, Cuu Long Basin, forward stratigraphic modelling, geological exploration, regional geology, seismic, facies analysis
Authors: P.A. Shakhov (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), A.E. Desyatnikova (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), E.A. Berezovskaya (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), E.M. Zakiev (VNIIneft JSC, RF, Moscow)

The article considered an exploration experience for Cuu Long Basin, located on the southern shelf of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It reviews the combining the results of forward stratigraphic modeling, seismic interpretation (such as inversion, seismic facies analysis) and subsequent exploration well drilling as implementation of decisions, which were made as a result of this integration. Authors briefly reviewed characteristics of basin sedimentation that influenced the location of clastic material source area and its transit ways. It is noted, that the results of forward stratigraphic modeling confidently confirm basic concepts about the formation of sedimentary cover and the facial zonation key trends in the target interval – from lower Oligocene to lower Miocene. Most interesting details and relations are described, that was obtained during forward stratigraphic modeling. In addition, after obtaining results of full-wavelet inversion of seismic data, it became possible to detail the facies forecast in the work area. Geological body stretching along a paleoslope, which was previously mapped from the results of forward stratigraphic model, also finds its response in a detailed facies model. In particular, a successful example of estimating for trends in the clastic transfer directions is shown. It based on the results of modeling the sedimentation process and their confirmation by independent results of seismic facies analysis. Based on the results of the estimation, an exploratory well was drilled. It confirmed the predictive models for the distribution of reservoir properties. Thus, it has been demonstrated that the used solutions for the joint use of seismic data and dynamic sedimentation modeling have good reliability of the geological forecast.


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