Synthetic hydraulic fracturing fluids as an alternative to guar-based reagents

UDK: 622.
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-11-132-134
Key words: hydraulic fracturing, well, guar gum, guar, gel, synthetic gel, polyacrylamide, friction reducer, hydraulic fracturing fluid
Authors: A.V. Churakov (Gazpromneft STC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), M.N. Pichugin (Gazpromneft STC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

The article deals with a question related to the prospects of hydraulic fracturing on the territory of the Russian Federation in the current unstable market situation. One of the key directions in solving these problems is a partial departure from the classical guar fracturing fluid to synthetic polyacrylate systems. This is facilitated by the need for alternative technologies to minimize risks in case of changes in the guar cost on the world market. A special place is given to the experience of Gazprom Neft PJSC in the direction of the development of hydraulic fracturing technologies on polyacrylamide. Authors cite historical information on the global use of synthetic polymers in the field of well stimulation and Company's internal experience. Authors show how the technology, initially designed for unconventional deposits stimulation, can be adopted to the conditions of conventional terrigenous reservoirs. The article considers a set of solutions for adapting the technology, evaluating its effectiveness in comparison with standard hydraulic fracturing operations on guar gum in similar geological conditions, as well as technological possibilities for increasing the economic effect of the use of synthetic polymers on various water sources. Generalized analytical results presented in the article on working with synthetic systems, confirmed by practical application in the conditions of conventional formations in Western Siberia, make it possible to withdraw a technological solution from a niche area to them be used to in conditions of stimulation of traditional formations. From an economic point of view, the availability of alternative fracturing fluid systems will make it possible to level volatility in the event of an increase in prices for guar gum.


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