Geological models and hydrocarbon prospects of the eastern part of the Krasnoleninsky arch

UDK: 550.8:553.98
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-11-74-78
Key words: oil and gas reservoir, geological model, seismic attributes, Paleozoic, 3D seismic survey, local basement ledges, tectonic faults
Authors: S.R. Bembel (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft, Surgutneftegas PJSC, RF, Tyumen)

The article presents a short summary of features of the geological models of hydrocarbon deposits located in lower Cretaceous, Jurassic and Paleozoic intervals of the eastern part of Krasnoleninsky arch. These features were defined by complex practical analysis of 3D seismic data, core data, well logging and field development data. Geomorphological and facial details of deposits structure of Vikulovo formation of lower Cretaceous period, which served as the foundation for 3D geological models (which in turn define the development project of object VK1), are presented. To evaluate the oil prospects of Tyumen suite we suggested using detailed seismic-facial analysis based on in-depth processing of 3D seismic data. This analysis is used to find patterns in productive intervals distribution. Analysis of 3D seismic drilling in Paleozoic formations intervals of the upper pre-Jurassic complex shows a connection between revealed oil deposits and local basement protrusions with deep discontinuous disturbances, which may control local flows of hydrocarbon fluids. Enhanced reservoir-rock regions, presumably connected with areas with maximal number of fractures in regions with tectonic disturbances located at most profound basement protrusions, were defined as the result of this research.

Effective prediction of productive regions and geological section intervals is based on the use of modern complex geological exploration, which includes 3D seismic scanning paired with paleogeomorphological and lithofacial analysis. Nowadays the results of interpretation of this geological and geophysical information are used in solving the problems of detailed characterisation of geological structures during evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves, geological modelling, prediction of filtration and capacity properties of productive intervals and creating projects of field and reservoir development. Complex interpretation of well logging data, well testing data, core data and 3D seismic data is the most important instrument in defining the geometry of deposits in Vikulovo layers with increased well productivity. It is also vital in prediction of promising zones in Tyumen suite section and exploration of deposits in Paleozoic formations.


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