Unified catalog of downhole pumping equipment in Rosneft Oil Company as an element of systematization and digitalization of recovery efficiency enhancement processes on the basis of Mekhfond Information System

UDK: 681.518:622.
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-11-54-58
Key words: information system (IS), IS Mekhfond, IS Infrastructure, IS Submersible Wells Equipment, IS Tubing Hangers, Unified Equipment Catalog (UEC), RosPump module, equipment selection, operation of artificial lift well stock, difficult well stock
Authors: A.B. Noskov (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow), V.V. Bylkov (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow), А.А. Shportko (RN-Centre for Peer Review and Technical Development, LLC, RF, Tyumen), I.V. Naumov (RN-Centre for Peer Review and Technical Development, LLC, RF, Tyumen)

Artificial lift is the main oil production method used in Russia and worldwide. In Rosneft Oil Company artificial lift is used for over 95% producing wells. Selection (design) of pumping equipment is one of the most important stages of the well life cycle. Rosneft uses RosPump module of the corporate information system (IS) Mekhfond to design pumping equipment. IS Mekhfond is designed to create an expert and analytical system in oil and gas production subsidiaries and the headquarters the Company, which enables standardization of approaches to resolving the issues of selecting submersible and field equipment, the monitoring and management of artificial lift well stock, planning and control of wellwork. To ensure the integration of equipment data between different related IS into a single information field, we need a unified directory of equipment and components, a catalog that is used by all IS by key identifiers, which allows users to populate information systems with data at different stages and for different operational tasks, and to use data of certain IS in other IS, in particular, the array of technological parameters, for efficiency of operation. The above tasks were resolved by means of the Unified Equipment Catalog (UEC). The UEC is a unique, on a similar scale, digitized database of parameters and characteristics of downhole pumping equipment, integrated with the Company's related information systems for operational accounting, performance analysis, and selection of downhole pumping equipment. The UEC is of great practical importance for systematization and digitalization of the process to ensure efficient operation of artificial lift well stock, and for robust selection of pumping equipment in Rosneft Oil Company. The article outlines the composition of the UEC, describes the stages of the UEC development, and provides examples of its use in corporate information systems.


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