Criteria formulation of reserves localization in the deposits of the Bazhenov-Abalak complex based on the example of Krasnoleninsky region field

UDK: 553.98.041
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-3-18-24
Key words: localization, Bazhenov-Abalak complex, hard-to-recover reserves, fracture model
Authors: M.A. Grishchenko (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), E.B. Avramenko (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), M.D. Smyshlyaeva (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen)

This article completes the cycle of scientific publications of Rosneft Oil Company devoted to the comprehensive study of the Bazhenov-Abalak complex (BAC) on the territory of the Krasnoleninsky arch. The authors focused on the results of petrophysical modeling and interpretation of well logging data in the BAC interval, which became the basis for petroelastic and seismogeological modeling. The tectonophysical analysis of the morphostructure on the roof of the Bazhenov formation and the results of a joint analysis of fracturing according to core, well logging and FMI data allowed to substantiate a fundamental tectonic model of the work area and a 3D model of discrete cracks (DFN). The article describes in detail the process of creating a DFN model taking into account the complex forecast trend of crack intensity and individual parameters for fractured zones. The results of the final stage of the work reflect the study and justification of the key criteria for localization of the most productive zones in an unconventional fractured-cavernous oil and gas reservoir. The analysis of a number of criteria for the localization of hydrocarbons in unconventional reservoirs from different regions allowed not only to develop and justify the most significant among them for a particular subsurface area, but also to emphasize the individuality of the choice of significant localization parameters for different types of BAC sections. The final solution for the localization of the potential producing zone was a complex parameter of the quality of reserves, which was calculated individually for each of the YUK0 and YUK1 formations. Based on the quality map, the area was ranked taking into account geological and commercial risks and the most promising areas for pilot work were identified, wells were recommended for confirmation and study of highly productive zones.


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