Primary treatment of hydrocarbons at the sites of Irkutsk Oil Company using mobile and block-modular technologies

UDK: 622.276.8
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2020-9-68-71
Key words: well development block unit, mobile block separation and filling unit, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, associated petroleum gas processing
Authors: R.M. Salikhov (Irkutsk Oil Company LLC, RF, Irkutsk), M.K. Parashchenko (Irkutsk Oil Company LLC, RF, Irkutsk), E.O. Chertovskikh (Irkutsk Oil Company LLC, RF, Irkutsk), B.R. Gilmutdinov (Irkutsk Oil Company LLC, RF, Irkutsk), A.S. Shabanov (Irkutsk Oil Company LLC, RF, Irkutsk)

Current macroeconomic situation in the oil market (oil prices decrease, depletion of traditional reserves) poses challenges for oil and gas companies to improve the efficiency of capital and operating costs, the to increase speed of project implementation and their optionality depending on the volume and quality of incoming geological and technical information about development objects. It is particularly true for newly discovered fields in uninhabited regions of the Russian Federation.

The paper describes an up-to-date solution to decrease project implementation time and increase their mobility and variability based on the experience of Irkutsk Oil Company in the fields of the Irkutsk Region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The examples of the use of mobile and block-modular units for the development, treatment of associated petroleum gas, as well as their further modernization with additional information on fluids and well productivity were considered. The authors outlined 3 main types of units used by the Company. It is presented that units for the development of oil and gas fields can operate in a wide range of productivity: up to 1,400 m3/day of liquid and 950,000 m3/day of gas. At the same time, despite the small size and mobility of the equipment used, oil treatment can be done up to the first quality group in accordance with the current state standard. As one of the important advantages of such solutions, the authors outlined the possibility of a significant decrease in the content of sulfur compounds in oil by using chemical reagents. The article highlights Irkutsk Oil Company one of the first in Russia applied mobile units for the treatment and processing of associated petroleum gas with the release of dry stripping gas and a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons. Mobile and block-modular solutions allowed the Company to accelerate the setting of the fields into operation.


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