Effect of working fluid temperature on the production of high-viscosity oil by hydro-jet-pump units

UDK: 622.276.53:65.011.4
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2020-8-87-91
Key words: hard-to-recover reserves, very high viscosity index oil, water-in-oil emulsion, hydro-jet-pump unit, jet apparatus
Authors: A.N. Drozdov (RUDN University, RF, Moscow), K.I. Chernishov (Tatneft PJSC, RF, Almetyevsk), N.I. Shinkov (Gubkin University, RF, Moscow), Ya.A. Gorbyleva (RUDN University, RF, Moscow), E.I. Gorelkina (RUDN University, RF, Moscow), I.M. Narozhnyy (RUDN University, RF, Moscow)
The article discusses an alternative method of production high viscosity oil using hydro-jet-pump units with injection of the high temperature working fluid.
This method allows using earlier spent energy for heating water. It will reduce the viscosity of the producing liquid along from the bottomhole to the wellhead. This is a preventive method to fight against salt deposition, asphalt, resin, and paraffin deposition and to plug the inner surface of pipes and the annular space of the well. The description of the proposed technology of well operation using a jet pump at the bottom and two rows of tubing is provided. The analytical model was created to evaluate the effect of the working fluid temperature on production of high-viscosity oil by hydro-jet-pump units. This model takes into account the properties of the produced fluid based on the results of laboratory studies of the viscosity dependence of an oil-water emulsion on water cut and temperature; the distribution of pressure and temperature along the tubing rows; the operating mode of the well and downhole equipment. The paper presents calculations of power consumption of surface equipment during well operation for high-viscosity oil fields using the example of the Arkhangelskoye and Alshachinskoye fields. The main stages and the methods used for the calculation are described. The model allows us to select the optimal temperature, flow rate and pressure of the working fluid for the effective operation of the system "well- hydro-jet-pump installation". The calculations of power consumption at the wells of the Arkhangelskoye and Ashalchinskoye fields show that the power consumption of the water heater significantly exceeds the decrease in ESP power consumption. It is shown that this technology used for the production of high-viscosity oil with heated water injection is most effective and power efficient if there is a permanent source of hot water at the field.
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