Application of hydrocarbon-base mud during the initial opening and drilling of the productive horizon of field in the Eastern Siberia

UDK: 622.244.45
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-12-112-114
Key words: Khamakin horizon, drilling, hydrocarbon-based mud, anhydrite, diesel fuel
Authors: V.A. Parfiryev (Oil and Gas Production Department Talakanneft of PJSC Surgutneftegas, RF, Surgut), N.N. Zakirov (Tyumen Industrial University, RF, Tyumen), Yu.V. Vaganov (Tyumen Industrial University, RF, Tyumen), S.A. Paleyev (Oil and Gas Production Department Talakanneft of PJSC Surgutneftegas, RF, Surgut)

Today, the high-quality opening of productive formation during field development in Eastern Siberia is becoming the most urgent problem. The opening of the reservoir with saturated saline and the inability to use the arsenal of technologies used in the regions of Western Siberia to intensify the flow of wells such as hydraulic fracturing makes it necessary to increase the requirements for the drilling of productive horizons. The presence of anhydrite in the rock and its interaction with aqueous solutions significantly worsen the reservoir properties. In order to improve the quality of primary drilling and drilling of a productive horizon, a solution based on diesel fuel (CBM) was developed. Experimental industrial testing of this solution was carried out while drilling production wells at a field in Eastern Siberia. Drilling of intervals for liners in horizontal and directional wells using CBM went without complications. As a result of the pilot tests, the advantage of hydrocarbon-based solutions under these conditions was actually confirmed. The obtained well production rates when opening and drilling of the productive horizon was carried out at the CBM, are almost 2.5 times higher than the production rates of wells constructed by traditional technology using the saturated saline biopolymer drilling mud.


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