Application of laser scanning technology at capital construction facilities

UDK: 622.276.012:69
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-11-43-45
Key words: surface laser scanning, 3D design model, deviation chart, point cloud, design solution
Authors: E.S. Golovina (Samaraneftekhimproject JSC, RF, Samara), A.S. Laskin (Samaraneftekhimproject JSC, RF, Samara), M.V. Nikiforov (VNIPIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), E.A. Mashkovtsev (VNIPIneft JSC, RF, Moscow), P.A. Bulanov (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow)
The article describes application of currently widely distributed technology of laser scanning during geometric control and construction supervision at various stages of facility construction. Surface laser scanning was used for two process units of Rosneft Oil Compant refineries by specialists of Company’s design institutes – VNIPIneft JSC and Samareneftekhimproekt JSC. Results of surface laser scanning were prepared in specialized software and then compared with 3D design model of the facility; deviation chart was prepared based on the comparison in addition to visual analysis. It is notable that the chart shall be prepared on the basis of received data in computer-aided mode. Applied approach gives an opportunity to use surface laser scanning as mandatory element of construction supervision together with designer supervision in key points of facility construction. Deviation analysis gives an opportunity to estimate availability of deviations from design solutions, availability of more serious violations of design decisions, fact of maintaining required levels at constructed facility. Analysis results give an opportunity to provide specific instructions to originators at the facility to incorporate changes already at the construction stage. Successful implementation of projects on comparative analysis of 3D model and changed data in the form of a point cloud allows to apply safely surface laser scanning technology for supervision of oil and gas industry facilities construction. This type of work is required to reveal discrepancies and incompliance of facilities. It allows to decrease considerably time for gathering, analysis and provision of a result. Correctly structured process of work execution almost eliminates human factor considerably influencing final result.

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