Advanced technologies of well logging and data analysis

UDK: 550.832
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-11-13-17
Key words: special logging, technology development, high-tech logging methods, pilot tests, a center for the development of high-tech logging, enterprise software, petrophysical software, enterprise service bus, intelligent processing algorithms, optimization
Authors: M.A. Basyrov (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow), A.V. Khabarov (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), I.A. Khanafin (Bashneft-Petrotest LLC, RF, Ufa), R.R. Nugumanov (Bashneft-Petrotest LLC, RF, Ufa), E.V. Gadelshin (Bashneft-Petrotest LLC, RF, Ufa), E.R. Nugumanov (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), R.K. Gazizov (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa)

A brief analysis of the situation, the necessary actions and mechanisms for the development of domestic technologies for geophysical research of wells is given. The experience and current developments of the Rosneft Oil Company on the development and implementation of high-tech logging methods and related software are presented. The general points of growth and interaction with the leading geophysical tools-making companies of Russia on the development of high-tech methods for researching wells both at the end of drilling and while drilling are described. The inevitability and importance of developing a unified metrological corporate center to ensure a high level of accuracy of the developed geophysical equipment to achieve parity with leading geophysical companies-manufacturers of geophysical equipment are given. The mechanism for the implementation of pilot testing of high-tech equipment is described, which includes approaches to inter-functional interaction, the formation of conclusions and improvements of the tested technologies. The article describes the advantages of the multifunctional approach in pilot tests and pattern of interaction between the operating teams. A short list and the main positive results of the pilot testing are given. The mechanism of technology support from the moment it appears in the orbit of the interests and relevance of the Company to the moment the technology is recommended, after a series of successful pilot tests and comprehensive technological analysis, is presented for replication.

The concept of developing a corporate software package for interpreting logging data and an integration enterprise service bus is presented. The importance of a single corporate platform is described both for the convenience of using incoming information in a single software field, and from the point of view of information security and independence of the Company. The main directions of perspective development and the distinctive features of petrophysical software are con

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