Automatic inhibitor dosing in a system of field pipelines

UDK: 622.692./4.004.54
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-10-112-113
Key words: corrosion inhibitor, chemical dosing unit, corrosion inhibitor automatic feed control
Authors: A.S. Tulyakov (RN-Uvatneftegas LLC, RF, Tyumen), R.R. Shigapov (RN-Uvatneftegas LLC, RF, Tyumen)

The article describes the development of a method for a rational use of corrosion inhibitors, which enables to reduce fluid’s corrosive activity in field pipelines. The effectiveness of this method was achieved by developing and implementing an algorithm for automatically controlling corrosion inhibitor feed into field pipelines, depending on the flow rate of fluid from the well pads (oil treatment and pumping facilities, cluster pumping stations, etc.). Chemical dosing is also remotely controlled by an operator, which makes it possible to monitor the equipment remotely and to reduce labor costs for manually adjusting the amount of supplied chemicals. The problems arising during daily operation of field pipelines and oilfield equipment for dosing chemicals, that inspired the authors to look for solution, are briefly examined. While doing the job the authors were challenged to keep implementation costs as low as possible and not to jeopardize the reliability and integrity of field pipelines. As a result, this initiative was implemented and proved effective in the field pipelines inhibition and corrosion monitoring system in the Kalchinskoye field operated by RN-Uvatneftegas LLC. The article contains the formulas used in the algorithm for field pipelines inhibition automated control system. To prove its feasibility, this algorithm was monitored for two years, the expectations were justified. As a result, the system’s economic efficiency due to saving corrosion inhibitor was proved.


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