Justification of the combined technology for enhanced oil recovery in case of Maikop sediments

UDK: 622.276.3
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-9-114-116
Key words: Maikop deposits, elastic vibrations, hydraulic vibrator, plugging composition, wellbore formation zone.
Authors: M.V. Omelyanyuk (Kuban State Technological University, RF, Armavir), I.A. Pakhlyan (Kuban State Technological University, RF, Armavir), A.A. Rogozin (Rosneft-NTC LLC, RF, Krasnodar)

Currently, most of fields in Krasnodar Krai are at the later and closing phase of development. Mature fields are characterized by a decrease in oil production and an increase in water-cut of wells. There is a need to involve in the development oil-saturated intervals with degraded reservoir properties. In this case operations are complicated by low permeability, heterogeneity of reservoir properties and a sharp increase in water-cut. The process of oil deposits development requires the implementation of technologies to restore and increase the wells productivity. One of the possible ways to increase the efficiency of stimulation is the use of combined technologies.

The article presents a technology which combines physical methods of stimulation. The first stage is pumping and treatment of the bottomhole zone using a source of elastic wave fields - rotary hydrodynamic vibrator. For the physical impact on the rock reservoir it is carried out a step-by-step pumping solvent to remove asphalts-resins-paraffins deposits, and plugging compound to block highly permeable interlayers. At the final stage, the acid composition is pumped. Selection of composition is based on the results of laboratory research of Maikop sediment core material. The combined technology ensures an increase in the uniformity of the acidic coverage of the reservoir by radius and thickness, involvement in the development of undraining reservoir sections, resulting in a uniform increase in the permeability of the reservoir after treatment and an increase in the flow rate of the well.

When performing the work, probabilistic-statistical methods for processing the initial field information and experimental methods of studying the interaction of rocks with process fluids were used.


1. Sergeev V.V., Razrabotka kompleksnoy tekhnologii intensifikatsii dobychi nefti (Development of a comprehensive technology for the intensification of oil production): thesis of candidate of technical science, Ufa, 2016, 150 р.

2. Patent no. 2542015 C1 RF, Rotary hydraulic vibrator, Inventors: Omel'yanyuk M.V., Pakhlyan I.A.

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