Extended reach drilling wells on block Junin-6

UDK: 622.243.23
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-9-68-70
Key words: Venezuela, ultra-extended reach drilling, highly viscous oil, direct emulsion
Authors: M.E. Koval (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), S.V. Bogatkin (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), A.A. Voronin (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), A.V. Vagner (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), A.Yu. Kornev (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), M.V. Petrov (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), А.А. Popov (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), M.V. Leontev (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), I.Yu. Korovin (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), D.S. Terikhov (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara)
The analysis of current situation concerning the technology of well construction in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela at Junin-6 block, which is developed by the joint venture state companies PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela) and Rosneft Oil Company, has been presented in the paper. The reference of general solutions concerning well plans and extremely viscous production operation procedure without thermal methods involvement has been given. Technical and technological solutions concerning well construction efficiency increase, as well as currently existing optimization solutions for drilling process have been exposed. Horizontal wells construction is implemented under the conditions of low stratum depth of producing horizons – from 100 to 300 m, which sufficiently obstructs WOB. The engineering analysis of drilling and completion of extended horizontal wellbores has been presented. The implementation aspects for different technologies of horizontal wellbores extension in different price tiers have been considered. The solutions concerning friction factors decrease by means of hydrocarbon phase (direct emulsions) volume increase, semi-automatic drilling systems (Slider and its equivalents) implementation, the use of weeper subs for hole cleaning from drilled cuttings and liners rotation while running with low residual weight values have been proposed. The scenarios of well completion using the simulation of rotation-free liners running, as well as with rotation and the BHA with 178 mm DC, which were not previously used in drilling and completion practice, have been considered. The running using limited rotation (10 rpm maximum) and DC top weighting has been accepted according to the results of the analysis. The authors of the paper recommend approaching the problem of horizontal holes extension using complex methods and thorough analysis of implemented technologies.

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