Prospects of oil and gas content of the north-eastern part of the Aldan anteclise

UDK: 553.98.061.32
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-6-22-27
Key words: Yakutian high, non-anticlinal traps, Vendian-Cambrian, Permian-Triassic, Upper Jurassic-Lower cretaceous, map of geologic events, prospects if oil and gas content
Authors: A.I. Kalinin (Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, Siberian Branch of RAS, RF, Yakutsk), A.I. Sivtsev (Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, Siberian Branch of RAS, RF, Yakutsk)

Overview of the results of oil and gas exploration within the North-Aldan oil-and-gas bearing region is given. It is concluded that negative results were mainly caused by low quality of field preparation for drilling, and orientation of geological prospecting for discovery of oil and gas deposits only in classic anticlinal structures. The article in detail studies prospects of oil and gas content of vast slopes of the Yakutian upland – structure of the first order (структуры 1 порядка) of the North-Aldan oil and gas area. All available geologic-commercial data, obtained during studying materials on drilling in the vicinity of the Yakutian high are listed. According to lithologic-stratigraphic features of the section, tectonic position and features of prospects of oil and gas content, we conditionally subdivided slopes of the Yakutian high into three areas: western and north-western; northern and north-eastern, eastern, south-eastern and southern. Main geologic elements are identified and geologic events are mapped on each area. Northern and North-eastern slopes of the Yakutian high are the most perspective according to a complex of parameters. Oil and gas deposits confined to zones of wedging of the Permian-Triassic and Jurassic complexes of deposits can be discovered here. On other vast slopes of the high, certain prospects of oil and gas content are associated with ancient Vendian-Cambrian deposits. It is observed that, lack of effective regional impermeable beds is the main problem limiting prospects of oil and gas content of ancient deposits. As a high-priority prospecting works, it is recommended to perform seismic measurements in interfluve of the Lena and Tanda rivers and to drill parametric well near the Khomustakh settlement, Usta-Aladan region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


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