Developing methods of geological-field analysis for evaluation of the current structure of reserves

UDK: 622.276.1/.4:55
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-2-39-43
Key words: the current oil saturation, geological and field review, oil saturation map, Buckley – Leverett function, production data, the displacement characteristic
Authors: A.A. Nedozhdiy (Tyumen Oil and Gas Institute LLC, RF, Tyumen), A.S. Zavyalov (Tyumen Oil and Gas Institute LLC, RF, Tyumen), V.S. Vasileva (LUKOIL-AIK JSC, RF, Kogalym)

The article deals with the method of determining current oil saturation based on the displacement characteristics, which can be used to describe the process of developing reserves at a qualitative and quantitative level (as a first approximation) that precedes geological and hydrodynamic modeling.

The preconditions for the practical application of the method are revealed. The method, based on solving the Buckley – Leverett differential equation, makes it possible to determine the current production of the objects of analysis with a sufficiently high accuracy and to identify areas of localization of residual reserves. At the same time, a relatively small amount of source data significantly reduces the calculation results errors.

The development of modern software tools of allows to achieve a satisfactory history matching of almost any model. At the same time, the fact that the model is only a three-dimensional reflection of the idea of the geologist and engineer, its quantitative description is completely overlooked. The formation of the concept itself is impossible without a detailed study of the process, an analysis of the entire set of field data and research. In such a situation, minimizing the amount of heterogeneous initial information will help reduce uncertainties and errors in the results obtained.

The method, based on solving the Buckley – Leverett differential equation, makes it possible to estimate with sufficiently high accuracy in combination with other methods of geological and production analysis to establish not only the basic characteristics, but also to estimate the distribution of current oil saturation over the area and section of the reservoir predict the technological efficiency of drilling operations, identify the most promising areas.

The described method was successfully tested on a number of fields in Western Siberia. The article presents the experience of using the technique on the example of the BS112b stratum of the Kogalymskoye oil field, represented by Cretaceous sediments typical of most of the fields in West Siberia. The proposed method, taking into account the predicted performance of the work, allow to identify the most promising areas in terms of increasing oil production and increasing the current recovery efficiency.


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