Compact cameras for start-reception of clearing devices in operating oilfield gas pipelines

UDK: 622.691.4.004.55
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-11-128-130
Key words: gas-pipe, safety, technology, refinement, performance, new design, compact camera
Authors: N.A. Ostankov (Samaraneftegas JSC, RF, Samara), D.Yu. Gubin (Samaraneftegas JSC, RF, Samara), D.S. Merenkov (Samaraneftegas JSC, RF, Samara), M.V. Belsner (Samaraneftegas JSC, RF, Samara), D.A. Sidubaev (Samaraneftegas JSC, RF, Samara)

The article considers the solution of the issue of carrying out gas pipelines without an optimal pressure drop, providing for the movement of cleaning devices through the internal cavity of existing pipelines. Insufficient pressure drop due to the fact that a greater number of fields of the Russian Federation are imposed on the territories associated with oil and gas provinces and are in the late stages of development. The possible options for the organization of cleaning in the current situation are considered; the shortcomings of each of the methods are noted. A proposal has been made to carry out water treatment by installing small-sized start-up devices along the gas pipeline - receiving cleaning devices in combination with mobile compressor units. These devices are a modernized design of scraper cranes widely used on gas pipelines. The following drawbacks of the old crane design are presented: the need to sel ect the correct stiffness of the scraper, since the scraper often simply did not leave the chamber; the inability to run diagnostic devices and to connect the compressor unit directly to the crane unit; high probability of damage to both the scraper itself and the catching grid at high speed of the cleaning device.

Modernization was based on the following options: strengthening the operator's safety level when working with the use of loading-receiving cleaning / diagnostic equipment; implementing the control after the projectile at its launch and reception; protecting equipment fr om damage. The detailed schemes of the new compact camera are presented. An effective scheme for cleaning gas pipelines using new equipment has been proposed.


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