The acid treatment of the well on Bazhenov oil formation after hydraulic fracturing operation

UDK: 622.276.63
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-4-70-73
Key words: Bazhenov formation, shale oil, hydraulic fracturing, acid treatment, X-ray core tomography
Authors: V.T. Litvin(Saint-Petersburg Mining University, RF, Saint-Petersburg), K.V. Strizhnev (Gazpromneft-Angara LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), T.N. Shevchuk (Gazpromneft-Angara LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), P.V. Roshchin(Saint-Petersburg Mining University, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

The results of successful work to intensify the flow of oil from the potentially productive intervals of the Bazhenov suite are described. Actual issues, in addition to the technology of development of the formation, remain such as: the creation and adaptation of the technology of opening, completion of wells, the intensification of the oil flow and other. In the article some of the modern technologies of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing are considered.

Oil of Bazhenov formation is still not taxed on mining by the state of the Russian Federation, and high quality makes its geological reserves attractive to leading oil companies. To this day, experts are in search of an effective industrial technology for Bazhenov formation development, by some estimates the hydrocarbons resources and reserves of this suit exceed billions of tons.

Initially, after drilling, the well is brought by hydraulic fracturing, initial production rate was 3.6 m3/day. Due to technical reasons the well starting process took a long time, resulting in a partial destruction of the hydraulic fracturing crosslinked gel. After the decline of the well production rate to zero there were works for intensification of oil inflow with the acid treatment in the bottomhole formation zone. The components of the acid composition were selected based on the mineral composition of Bazhenov formation, reservoir temperature UK0, modern requirements for intensifying reagents and modeling the treating process on filtration unit in conditions close to the reservoir. The paper also shows the results of additional core analysis after filtration research using X-ray computed tomography.


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