On the raising efficiency of associated petroleum gas utilization at the final separation stages

UDK: 622.276.8 : 665.622
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-3-74-76
Key words: associated petroleum gas (APG), light liquid hydrocarbons, low-temperature condensation and rectification, liquefied hydrocarbon gases
Authors: M.Yu. Tarasov (Giprotyumenneftegas PJSC, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen), E.A. Klevtsov (Giprotyumenneftegas PJSC, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen), I.Z. Fakhretdinov (Giprotyumenneftegas PJSC, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)

This article proposed technology of preparation and refining of associated petroleum gas (APG), separated during intermediate and final separation stages on the oil treatment facilities- central production facility (CPF) with obtaining marketable products - liquefied hydrocarbon gases. This technology includes low-temperature condensation and rectification of light liquid hydrocarbons implemented in the block modular complex for preparation and refining of APG, equipment with CPF. In this complex there is no provision for additional gas compression before cooling. Pressure developed by the compressor station projected as a part of CPF is sufficient for the implementation of the process. This block modular complex for preparation and refining gas at the final stages consist of two technological modules: the low-temperature condensation and gas fractionation unit and auxiliary equipment unit. These technological modules consist of technological blocks that are completed with block-modules equipment full factory readiness. In calculations of material-heat balance were used design parameters APG of first, intermediate and final stage common for oil of Middle Ob Region. Analysis of calculations shows, that as a result of additional equipment CPF with system of low-temperature condensation of gas more than 50% of volume of low-pressure gas can be turned into marketable product. Moreover, partially drained stripped gas, returned to the first stage separation gas, slightly reduces the potential content of C3+ in it, in particular for gas composition accepted in the calculations from 323 to 316 g/m3.

The use of this technology will eliminate the problem of recycling of light liquid hydrocarbons formed during the preparation of oil and gas, i.e. exclude burning of valuable hydrocarbon products, and get extra profit through their monetization.


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