Pilot testing a plunger lift at the Eastern area of the Orenburgskoye oil-gas-condensate field

UDK: 622.276.522
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-3-58-60
Key words: plunger lift, gas lift wells, optimization work of wells
Authors: V.V. Ulianov (Gazprom Neft PJSC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.E. Kuchurin (Gazpromneft NTC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), E.A. Kibirev (Gazpromneft NTC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.Yu. Gryzunov (Gazprom neft Orenburg JSC, Orenburg), A.M. Dunaev (Gazprom neft Orenburg JSC, Orenburg)

The experience of using a plunger lift at the Eastern area of the Orenburgskoye oil-gas-condensate field is considered, where the main method of exploiting production wells is gas lift. The article describes the construction of gas-lift wells and the required technological parameters of their operating modes, and also briefly describes the properties of the productive reservoir of the field. The influence of the design of the downhole equipment of gas-lift wells and the Christmas tree on the efficiency of the plunger lift technology is shown. The problems that arose during the pilot-field tests of the plunger lift technology were considered. The evolution of the main structural elements of the technology is discussed, the description of the elements that have undergone modernization is given, and the reasons for which changes were made in the design of the elements of the equipment of the plunger lift technology are indicated. The key indicators of the effectiveness of the technology application in the Eastern area of the Orenburgskoye field are determined. The influence of this technology on the main technological parameters of the operation of low-rate gas-lift wells and boreholes operating in the batch mode, such as reduction of the specific flow rate of gas-lift gas, well production, etc. is shown. The influence of the plunger lift technology on the formation of asphalten-resin-paraffin deposits on the internal surface of the pump- compressor pipes during well operation. Advantages of using the plunger lift technology in the operation of low-rate and periodically operating gas-lift wells complicated by asphalten-resin-paraffin deposits are compared with the gas-lift wells operating in a constant process mode.


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