The error in determining the flow rate of the injected water as measured by a downhole thermal conductivity flowmeter

UDK: 622.276.5.05
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-12-135-137
Key words: well, error value, thermoconductive flowmeter, flow rate
Authors: V.F. Nazarov, V.K. Mukhutdinov (Bashkir State University, RF, Ufa), R.F. Ismagilov (LUKOIL-Engineering LLC, RF, Moscow), A.Yu. Balykin (LUKOIL-West Siberia LLC, RF, Tyumen), R.S. Mukhamadiev (TNG-Group, RF, Bugulma)

The article deals with new methods for performing measurements by complex equipment with the thermoconductive flowmeter (STD) to determine the flow rate of water injected into the well. Measurements are made both with a variable speed of the drawing of the logging tool and a series of measurements with different constant velocities, so that the direction of flow of the liquid and the device coincide. When the device moves with acceleration, the initial speed of the device should be less than the flow velocity, and the final speed is greater than the flow velocity of the liquid. With slow motion of the logging tool, the initial pulling speed should be longer, and the final one - less than the flow velocity of the fluid in the borehole. As a result, a bell-shaped curve will be registered for the dependence of the STD channel readings on the speed of the device's drawing. The flow rate of the injected water in the injection well must be determined by thermoconductive flowmeter channel measurements, carried out both with variable speed of the device pulling, and by the results of a series of measurements with different constant speeds of the logging tool. The error in determining the flow rate of injected water differs from the measurements by flowmeter Panametrics by no more than 5 %.


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