Development of «Energy infrastructure planning» information and analytics system

UDK: 681.518
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-10-127-129
Key words: energy resources, energy management, energy efficiency, information-analytical system
Authors: A.V. Veinblat, A.P. Sergeev (Zarubezhneft JSC, RF, Moscow), D.V. Tuliev, A.V. Grinev, A.V. Lebed (GCE LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.A. Sasin, L.A. Egorov (RUSVIETPETRO JV LLC, RF, Moscow)
In modern conditions of market economy efficiency of enterprises depends on the efficiency and validity of management decisions. The article discusses the use of Information-analytical systems (IAS) for the purpose of decision support in the management and planning of energy objects of the enterprise, and for the purpose of increase of power efficiency of technological processes and enterprises in General. Examples of existing domestic and foreign automated systems that can automate individual controls power consumption. The conclusion about the need to develop software that can automate all the controls power enterprises. To automate the power management of RUSVIETPETRO JV Zarubezhneft JSC initiated R&D aimed at developing IAS «Planning for energy infrastructure». Work on the creation and implementation of IAS carried out in several stages. At the stage of pre-project the requirements to the functionality of IAS were formulated. The structure of the IAS consists of a database and six modules: monitoring module, planning module energy consumption, the simulation module, the module efficiency, the module reports, administration module. Brief characteristic of the main working modules and graphic visualization of the user interface are given. Feature IAS "Planning for energy infrastructure" is a web-interface that allows the user to operate the system remotely via the Internet, including the use of mobile devices running different operating systems. Further development performed R&D aimed at the development of working modules IAS, installation of server hardware and integration of IAS with automated systems RUSVIETPETRO JV. 

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