Ejector system development for hard-to-recover and unconventional hydrocarbon reserves

UDK: 622.
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-10-110-112
Key words: pump, ejector system, multiphase mixture, oil, gas
Authors: Yu A. Sazonov, M.A. Mokhov, I.T. Mishchenko, Kh.A. Tumanyan, M.A. Frankov (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University), RF, Moscow)

Gas production from reservoir under waterflood secondary recovery is a topical question in the oil and gas production industry. In this context, selection of additional equipment is critical to ensure effective production. Experience shows that this kind of problematic can be addressed by using ejector systems. The purpose of this research is to determine the main directions in which development of pumping equipment is needed, considering the specific features of using ejector systems in hard-to-recover and unconventional hydrocarbon reserves. The work is aimed at creating new pumping systems using multi-flow ejectors in order to improve the efficiency of oil and gas production.

Jet technology and pumping technology issues are usually handled separately due to an established specialization in the research. To get round this pitfall, it was decided to combine the individual components of the two systems into a single complex, to develop an ejector system for hard-to-recover and unconventional hydrocarbon reserves. When designing the solution, we considered our problem from the angle of three main theories; jet devices, dynamic pumps, and volumetric pumps. In this regard, multi-flow dynamic pumps are particularly promising since their representation in the literature is close to none, even though the technology have been known for a long time. This study demonstrates the possibility of creating a high-speed multistage volume pump while multi-section pumps -separate sections of a dynamic pump paired with sections of a volumetric pump- are also discussed. This configuration is worthy of interest since it enables a reduction in the length and diameter of the assembly, a critical parameter for pumps operating in horizontal wells.

Modern computer programs have significantly simplified and made cheaper conducting experiments, but it is still not yet the time to replace completely physical experiments with numerical ones. In this aspect, the wider use of additive technologies and modern lasers is seen as very promising when it comes to create samples and models.


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