Methodological approaches, experience and prospects of Tournaisian stage oil deposits development by horizontal wells at Znamenskoye oil field

UDK: 622.276.1/.4”712.8”
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-10-33-35
Key words: carbonate reservoir, Tournaisian stage, lithofacies analysis, petrophysical class, well completion type, horizontal well
Authors: A.N. Chervyakova, A.O. Zubik, A.S. Dushin, D.V. Budnikov, V.E. Trofimov, I.A. Iksanova (BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), K.F. Korobtsovskaya (Bashneft PJSC, RF, Ufa)

The article proposes a new approach to developing carbonate deposits of Tournaisian stage. The approach is to determine hydrodynamic characteristics of the reservoir based on lithology and facial analysis. The approach is implemented on Znamenskoye oil-field, where main deposits are situated in Tournaisian layers. Historically, the layer was drilled by directional wells along a triangular grid with the distance of 400 m between the downholes. The analysis shows a significant difference in operation modes of directional wells. Detailed analysis shows that well operation modes depend on lithofacies variability of the layer. According to the results of the lithofacies analysis it was established that the maximum well productivity is provided by the void space of the porous reservoir. It was also shown that the void space of the reservoir consists of several petrophysical classes, which are characterized by their own petrophysical functions. As an example we considered an area characterized by a low rate of reserves recovery. For this area lithofacies analysis was carried out to determine hydrodynamic characteristics the. Based on results of the sector simulation of the area and the analysis of lithofacies maps, recommendations for wells drilling and completion are given. The article shows the actual implementation of industrial works on drilling horizontal wells according to the lithofacies analysis, it is preferable to drill horizontal wells. Drilling results show their high efficiency. It is also established that the watering of horizontal wells is more appropriate. The realization of proposed approach helped to significantly increase the reserves recovery rate. Further selection of wells on Znamenskoye oil field is currently being conducted.


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