Methods for destruction of complicated water-oil emulsions of Botakhan oilfield

UDK: 665.62
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-6-109-111
Key words: water-oil emulsions, oil, oil treatment, demulsifier
Authors: Ye.S. Panova, G.I. Boyko (Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University, Kazakhstan, Almaty), R.G. Sarmurzina (National Company KazMunayGas JSC, Kazakhstan, Astana), N.P. Lubchenko (Higher Education Institution UNAT, Kazakhstan, Almaty), K.M. Kassymgaliyev (EmbaMunaiGas JSC, Kazakhstan, Atyrau), U.S. Karabalin (Association KazEnergy, Kazakhstan, Astana), B.U. Akchulakov (Almex Petrochemical LLP, Kazakhstan, Atyrau)

A new composite demulsifier KNTU-14 was developed to destroy the oil-water emulsions. The comparative study of the effectiveness of industrial demulsifiers (Dissolvan 4795 and 4908, Randem-2208) with KNTU-14 was implemented. The basic properties of oil-water emulsions of Botakhan oilfield were identified. Analysis of group composition of the oil phase of investigated oil-water emulsions were carried out. It is shown that asphaltenes are the primary stabilizers of oil-water emulsions of Botakhan oilfield. It was found that the products of tested wells - highly watered, formation water is highly mineralized of calcium chloride type; pH of the aqueous phase increases the stability of the test water emulsions.

According to the generalized results of the group composition of oil and properties of water it is assumed that the water-oil emulsion from the well number 150 is more stable than from the well number 121.

For the analysis of the raw water- oil emulsions in the presence of dispersed water, as well as for analysis of oil after the demulsification of oil-water emulsions to confirm the effectiveness of their destruction by reagent KNTU-14 was brought diferentsialno-thermal analysis (DTA). It has been shown that using demulsifier KNTU-14 as in a thermochemical or chemical demulsification it was obtained oil of first category of water content.


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