Substantiation of the differentiated SAGD technology by the numerical simulation for conditions of the Yaregskoye field

UDK: 622.276.1/.4.001.57
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-6-101-103
Key words: heavy oil, SAGD, hydrodynamic modeling, Yarega oilfield
Authors: S.M. Durkin, I.N. Menshikova, A.A. Terentev, L.M. Ruzin, O.A. Morozyuk, S.A. Kalinin (Ukhta State Technical University, RF, Ukhta)
Problematic issues of application of SAGD technology in the foreign and domestic practice are considered. Hydrodynamic model of the Yaregskoye oilfield is built. Technological development indicators are calculated. The authors have found that the injection of steam is uneven along the horizontal well length of 1000 m. The authors have developed a new technology based on a phased work of horizontal wells sectors. 
The technology includes the drilling of horizontal injection and production wells. The production wells have two wellheads. Horizontal sections of wells arranged in parallel one above the other. Well design provides for an independent steam injection and fluid production through each section. Wells divided into two sections of special technical means. Section of the injection well is located directly above a section of the production well. Sections work simultaneously and independently of each other. This technology allows to regulate and control the process of pumping the coolant into a horizontal well. The technology promotes uniform spread of the steam chamber. The technology allows to increase the oil recovery factor due to these factors. So for the test site oil recovery factor increased to 12.7 % compared to the classical technology. The value of increase also depends on the number of sections.
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