The research of stimulatory effect of zeolite on destruction of oil components in soil

UDK: 579.873.6.017.7
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-5-104-107
Key words: peat, oil, zeolite, peat-mineral composition, extent of destruction
Authors: T.P. Alekseeva, T.I. Burmistrova, L.N. Sysoeva, N.M. Trunova (Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture and Peat, RF, Tomsk), L.D. Stahina (Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Siberian Branch of RAS, RF, Tomsk)

The authors studied the influence of zeolite in the stricture of peat-mineral composition on destruction of oil in soil in laboratory and microfield conditions. Processes of destruction of oil components and hydrocarbon flow with different intensities with time in all the embodiments of experience. Adding to the oily soil peat-mineral composition containing zeolite in stricture provides higher efficiency: extent of destruction in microfield experiment for 90 days was 55.0% and 29.6% versus 33.0%, in the laboratory experiment for 4 months was 33.0% against 23.0%. Under influence of peat-mineral compositions the group stricture of oil samples has been changed. These changes were especially noticeable in the embodiment using peat-mineral compositions with zeolite. The most significant decrease of relative content of oils, which include n- and i-alkanes and lighter aromatic hydrocarbons marked for using peat-mineral compositions with zeolite. Marked reduction of tar and asphaltenes in oil sample this variant that indicating about the process of destruction those are difficult to microbial oxidation of hydrocarbons. On the flow of processes destruction and passage in the mobile state of oil components demonstrates a reduction contents of total organic carbon and increase the carbon contents of organic substances extracted with 0.1N NaOH solution. Data of elemental analysis confirm process of oxidation of oil components. Marked decrease of share hydrocarbon compounds and increase of share oxygenates in oil samples. Process of oxidation was the most intensive for this time in the oil sample with using peat-mineral compositions with zeolite. In this case, the lowest the atomic ratio C/O marked for variants of the experiment informing about more intensive increase number of hydroxyl, phenol, carbonyl, carboxyl, quinine and other oxygen-containing groups in the composition of the oil. It was also found that in samples of residual oil, especially in the case of peat-mineral formulation with zeolite, increased the atomic ratio of C/H, which indicates decrease of proportion saturated hydrocarbons and a certain increase of proportion aromatic structures.


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