Evaluating and rehabilitating the territories disturbed by storages of sludge water in the oil and gas industry

UDK: 502.654:622.276
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-5-87-91
Key words: storage, sludge, water management, oil and gas industry, geo-container drying, layered mineralization, rehabilitation material
Authors: K.L. Chertes, O.V. Tupicyna, V.N. Pystin, E.G. Martynenko (Samara State Technical University, RF, Samara), V.I. Zuber (Novokuibyshevsk Refinery JSC, RF, Novokuibyshevsk)

The purpose of the research is to evaluate geo-ecological areas damaged by storages of sludge water in the oil and gas industry, to sel ect the direction of recovery and targeted development. In the result of this research we created a geo-ecological assessment methodology and technologies for the rehabilitation of territories disturbed by sludge storage. The evaluation scheme includes analysis of multidimensional data using the principal components method, criterial selection and matrix-digital interpretation with the construction of a three-dimensional model. Analysis of these territories characteristics showed that the most rational way of recovery is the elimination of sludge formation using sludge as a raw material production of soil-like rehabilitation material. The obstacle to the direct use of sludge water as substitutes for soils is a high humidity, the presence of organic substances, as well as low strength of the sludge particles. The technology of remediation materials production, comprising a geo-container drying, is the layers mineralization and hardening of sludge. We showed the possibility of using conditioning and inoculated additives on the basis of ash and slag waste and sludge water recycling for the intensification of sludge processing. The proposed method of assessment help to identify state of more than 20 storage of oil and gas industry waste from the standpoint of the subsequent recovery, construction and economic development of disturbed areas. The investigated mechanical properties of materials based on raw sludge allowed justifying their use as rehabilitation material. The technique offered will enable reducing the costs of the purchase of natural soils for rehabilitation as well as reducing the waste disposal costs.


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