On technical and economic indicators of upgraded mobile steam-generator plant PPU-1600/100

UDK: 622.276.5.05
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-5-59-61
Key words: misfortunate burner, vortex combustion
Authors: G.I. Pavlov, A.V. Kochergin, R.R. Khaliulin, D.A. Telyashov, P.V. Nakoryakov, O.R. Sitnikov (Kazan National Research Technical University, RF, Kazan)

Mobile steam plants (UPP-1600/100) mounted on a truck chassis are widely used in the oil and gas industry. They are designed for the generation of steam. As heat energy in steam is used, the energy of combustion of diesel fuel combusted in the burner device. PPU-1600/100 equipped with spray burners. Along with the high incidence of nozzle burners, they have significant drawbacks that adversely affect the technical-economic indicators of PPU-1600/100. Alternatively, the authors proposed misfortunate burner which has improved operational characteristics of PPU-1600/100.

We developed burner without nozzle capable to operate on a wide range of hydrocarbon fuels (diesel fuel, heating oil, waste oil, waste liquid combustible petrochemical industry, flammable gases) and modernized PPU-1600/100. Tests of the upgraded installation were conducted and the experimental data were obtained for comparative analysis of technical, economic characteristics and environmental performance of flue gases. We found that the proposed burner allows to reduce operating costs of PPU-1600/100. This effect is achieved by increasing the combustion efficiency and the use of liquid combustible waste as an alternative fuel. Environmental performance of the upgraded PPU-1600/100 significantly outpaces that one of commercially available steam mobile units.

Misfortunate burner allows to burn on full of various flammable liquids, including flammable liquid waste and produce cheap heat. This conclusion is confirmed experimentally by the example of the operation of the PPU-1600/100 equipped with burner device without nozzle.

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