Evaluation of geo-fluid and abnormally high reservoir (pore) pressures of sedimentary complex of southern part of Pre-Ural fore deep

UDK: 622.276.038:532.5
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-5-22-26
Key words: abnormally high reservoir pressure, gas, geo-fluid pressure, capillary pressure, modeling, oil, Pre-Ural fore deep, hydrocarbons, petroleum systems
Authors: V.Yu. Kerimov, E.I. Vasilenko, A.V. Osipov, G.Ya. Shilov (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University), RF, Moscow)

The article describes the results of the study of geo-fluid and abnormally high reservoir and pore pressure in the sedimentary cover of the southern part of the Pre-Ural fore deep. In order to evaluate the reliability of the seal rock and the degree of preservation of oil and gas deposits by means basin modeling technology was used to study the distribution of capillary pressures over time. Within the study area were modeled four petroleum systems: Lower Devonian-Frasnian, Frasnian-Tournasian, Visean-Bashkir and Lower Permian. The simulation results showed that three of the four simulated petroleum systems - Frasnian-Tournasian, Visean-Bashkir and Lower Permian - are resistant to the factor of "reliability of the seal rocks". For the Lower Devonian-Frasnian petroleum system predicted a high probability of failure of deposits for individual areas within of studied territory. To evaluate the pore pressure of seal rocks on the logging data applied the method of "equivalent depth" by wells of the study area: No. 501 (Vershinovskoye field), No. 1 (Nagumanovskoye), No. 210 (Dongolyukskoye), No. 106 (Preduralskoye). It has been determined that the pore pressure in the wells correlated with each other, which confirms the existence of zones of anomalously high pore pressures in the study area. It was established that the main stream of hydrocarbon migration that could be captured with traps of different types, occurs in the interval of the section located below the depth intervals related to the regional area of abnormally high pore pressure. The possibility of using the laws of development, conservation and relaxation abnormally high pore and reservoir pressure as an indicator of the likely type and nature of migration processes, environments of formation of oil and gas deposits, and, accordingly, a search criteria.


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