Integrated approach to laboratory studies of chemical agents for waterflood sweep efficiency control technology

UDK: 622.276.43
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-4-72-75
Key words: core, flow-decline composition, gelling ability, destruction, residual resistance factor
Authors: I.S. Putilov, N.N. Barkovskij, O.I. Yakimov, T.V. Chabina (PermNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Perm, RF, Perm), N.A. Cherepanova (KogalymNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Tyumen, RF,Tyumen)

The efficiency of enhanced oil recovery technology implementing in the wells directly depends on the selection of reagents in laboratory conditions for specific geological and physical conditions of the development objects. The authors consider the growth in the volume of innovative technologies and the need to implement the strategic objectives to increase the recovery factor. There is a need for a method to test each type of technology.

This article describes an integrated approach to laboratory study researches chemical reagents (gelling polymer systems, emulsion, sediment-and thermotropic compositions) used as an agent in the works for leveling of injectivity profile of injection wells for the purpose of regulation technology water flood recovery. The order of carrying out research in the "free volume" including the study of physical and chemical properties of the compounds and technological characteristics injected compositions. And methods of making filtration tests on of real kern material taking into account the mode of operation of the test thermobaric formation. These studies include the study of all the necessary parameters that characterize the effectiveness of the reagents.

The results obtained during the research on the proposed algorithm can be used in field conditions during the implementation of technology in injection wells studied objects.


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