Study of integrated effects microwave electromagnetic radiation in the field of centrifugal forces on the water-oil emulsion

UDK: 622.276.8: 537.868
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-2-100-102
Key words: stable water-oil emulsions, microwave electromagnetic radiation, the centrifugal force field, the integrated effects
Authors: L.A. Kovaleva, R.Z. Minnigalimov, R.R. Zinnatullin, V.N. Blagochinnov, A.I. Mullayanov (Bashkir State University, RF, Ufa)
The authors consider the problems of stable oil-water emulsions genesis during field based oil processing. Stability of such emulsions form is associated with armoring shells consisting of natural and synthetic surfactants. We study the impact of combined microwave electromagnetic radiation and the field of centrifugal forces at the water-oil emulsions of increased stability. Microwave electromagnetic radiation and the field of centrifugal forces were implemented in two ways: consequently and simultaneously. Laboratory setup and test procedure are described. For test we selected emulsions with different composition and water content. The studies were conducted at varying parameters of microwave electromagnetic radiation and the field of centrifugal forces. We varied the time and the power of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation frequency was fixed at 2.4 GHz. Rotational speed of the separation chamber was 2500 min-1. Tests results showed the effectiveness of the combined treatment of oil-water emulsions by microwave electromagnetic radiation in the field of centrifugal forces. We defined optimum processing parameters for each emulsions samples according to their physic-chemical properties. Optimal modes and parameters of the combined effect on the water-oil emulsions are developed. Recommended modes and processing parameters will be used in further studies and numerical calculations in the development of design and technical documentation for the manufacture of pilot plant of oil dehydration.


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