New data on geological structure and oil-and-gas bearing perspectives of deposits in the Upper Devonian reefs of the Denisov depression

UDK: 553.98 (470.13)
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-2-41-45
Key words: oil, Denisov depression, Devonian period, reef, organic matter
Authors: А.N. Danilenko (LUKOIL-Engineering LLC, RF, Moscow), А.А. Savelieva, N.I. Borschevskaya (PermNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Ukhta, RF, Ukhta)

According to petroleum-zoning license area of Denisovskaya Depression owned by LUKOIL-Komi refers to Lay - Lodma oil and gas zone of Pechora-Kolva oil and gas region, tectonically it refers to Denisov deflection of Pechora-Kolva aulacogene. The main oil-and-gas bearing perspectives of this license area are associated with carbonate deposits of Domanic-Tournaisian reefs. Within the license area we fixed zones of Fransian and Famennian reefs evolution. These zones consolidate group of Ipatsk structures in the south of the license area, Bayandy structures in its central part and Lambeyshor stucture in the north. The results of seismic researches and the exploration drilling allowed to open oil reservoirs in Low Famennain reefs (Zadonian horizon) at Bayandyskoye, Vostochno-Lambeyshorskoye, Yuzhno-Bayandyskoye and A.A. Alabushina fields that confirms high prospects of oil-and-gas bearing of objects in structural reef traps.

We identified the genetic type of petroleum fluids. There are two genetic types of bitumen - Silurian and Domanic. We associate prospective exploration works with Silurian and Devonian strata.

Oil Company LUKOIL devotes a great attention to exploration works as a source of replenishment of hydrocarbon. The main tasks within exploration program of the 2016-2018 are 3D seismic exploration works covering the entire license area of Denisov depression, data processing and interpretation using data fusion. These works are aimed to correct geological and tectonic structure and to develop an innovative infrastructure in order to hydrocarbon commercial reserves increment and production increase.

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