Energy safety of technological processes of oil extraction

UDK: 622.276.012:621.311
Key words: energy safety, energy saving, energy efficiency, power supply system, quality, reliability, energy costs, oil production
Authors: B.N. Abramovich, Y.A. Sychev (Saint-Petersburg Mining University, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

The article is devoted to the problem of complex ensuring of energy safety of oil production enterprises. The basic technical requirements for energy safety ensuring at oil production enterprises are given. The main factors, which influence on energy safety level at power supply of oil production enterprises, are detected.В  The evaluation of energy safety level should be provided on the base of the analysis of positive and negative influence of factors, which presence is caused by the effects, occurring in power systems of different structure, and by means of modern information technologies of monitoring and control. The necessity of centralized power supply systems reliability improving for energy safety ensuring is proved. The most sensitive to short-time power supply interruptions oil production consumers are detected. The results of experimental researches of reliability and power quality factors at oil production enterprises are presented. The main technical devices and decisions for rising of energy safety level, which may be recommended for application in power supply systems of oil production enterprises, are detected. Among the detected technical devices and decisions the key role plays dynamic voltage restorers, fast devices of multistage automatic reserve input, active and hybrid correction systems of voltage and current value and harmonic spectrum. The possibility and reasonability of complex application of distributed generation systems on the base of alternative and renewable energy sources for energy safety level improvement of oil production technological objects is proved. The method of complex evaluation of oil production losses or oil production level decreasing, caused by power supply malfunctions is created. The results of theoretical and experimental researches for energy safety level improvement are effectively applied in the set of leading oil production enterprises.

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