Organization of the reservoir pressure maintenance system at Roman Trebs oilfield under the conditions of full implementation of the WAG technology

UDK: 622.276.652
Key words: water alternating gas (WAG) injection, reservoir pressure maintenance system, multiphase flow, water-gas mixture, injection well
Authors: P.V. Vinogradov, O.V. Nadezhdin, U.M. Abutalipov, A.R. Latypov, E.I. Sergeev, (BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), S.E, Zdolnik, V.M. Veselov (Bashneft PJSOC, RF, Ufa)
The article is devoted to technical and technological support of the operation of the reservoir pressure maintenance pipeline system and injection wells at Roman Trebs oilfield under the conditions of implementation of the water-alternating-gas (WAG) injection technology. Reservoir pressure maintenance system is a branched double-tube network, which provides water and gas delivery to multiwall pads of injection wells. Water and gas are mixed in mixing devices, which are individually installed for each injection well. Control for mixing and water-gas injection processes is realized by means of flow meters and pressure gauges used as for each phase, as for water-gas mixture. Control valves mounted on water and gas lines are used in order to manage process of water-gas mixture injection. The results of studies of the operation regimes of injection wells for water-gas flow pumping are presented. Characteristic of system injection well – bottomhole - reservoir was found. Influence of tube size on hydraulic characteristic of well was defined. The principles of organization of management system for water-gas mixture injection are considered on basis of PID-regulators for water and gas lines. It was described a problem, which takes place in realization of non-stationary processes and which is related with increase of wellhead pressure up and above pressure in water and gas pipelines. A method of automatic control of process of water-gas injection is proposed to prevent realization of this effect. The analysis of the factors complicating the operation of the reservoir pressure maintenance system in terms of WAG injection is presented. Ways to reduce the risks of complications are considered.
1. Zaynulin A.V., Mozhchil' A.F., Efimov D.V., Savichev V.I., Technological requirements
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2. Nadezhdin O.V., Lutfurakhmanov A.G., Vinogradov P.V. et al., Development
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RU, 2015.

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