Drilling management information system engineering experience at Zarubezhneft JSC

UDK: 681.518:622.24
Key words: drilling management information system (DMIS), drilling works efficiency improvement, management levels, electronic database, program blocks, technical and economical drilling indicators
Authors: I.P. Zaikin, K.V. Kempf, V.I. Gorshenin, D.V. Shkarin (Zarubezhneft JSC, RF, Moscow)

Russia’s oil and gas industry is living through a tough time experiencing a significant drop in oil price and sanctions imposed against it. Therefore, a focus on expenditures’ optimization and performance quality enhancement is of particular importance. Zarubezhneft has solved its objective to enhance the drilling performance through creation of the drilling management information system (DMIS).

This paper describes formation of a single information space and tools for the well construction design, control and management at all management levels of the Zarubezhneft Group by means of introducing the DMIS. It also specifies issues that the company had at the moment of taking the decision on DMIS’ introduction. Then it presents an actually build DMIS’ functional scheme indicating the objectives to be solved at each management level.

Review of the whole complex of DMIS’ software blocks discovers major technical characteristics and capabilities of this software program. A special attention has been paid to the description of the block called Drilling Remote Monitoring, as it is the program’s main informational component ensuring the formation and delivery of the required information from the drilling sites to the management levels. Also this paper describes in detail the capabilities of the analytical blocks that, based on information received from the drilling remote monitoring, allow formation of the required reports on technical and economic indicators for wells, fields, subsidiaries and for Zarubezhneft as a whole.

At the moment of writing this paper, DMIS has been introduced at all drilling facilities of the Zarubezhneft’s Russian subsidiaries, as well as at the corporate design institute Giprovostokneft JSC.

There is a plan of its further introduction in the territory of Vietnam, namely, at the joint Russian-Vietnamese company Vietsovpetro.

Summarizing the first results of the DMIS’ operation at the company allows us to assess its efficiency that was proved by the downward trends in overall drilling rates and the cost per meter indicators.В 

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