Development of methodical ensuring modeling acoustic and density parameters in wells for creation of seismogeological models oil and gas objects of Western Siberia

UDK: 550.834.072
Key words: well logging, seismic geological models, modeling of sonic and density logs, quality of modeling acoustic and density parameters
Authors: S.K. Turenko (Tyumen Industrial University, RF, Tyumen), E.A. Cherepanov (KogalymNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Tyumen, RF, Tyumen)

The authors consider the creation of seismic models of oil and gas objects using well logging and seismic data. Methodological support is offered for modeling acoustic and density parameters in wells using well logging data. We analyzed the experience of LUKOIL-West Siberia LLC in application of the routine methods for modeling acoustic and density parameters using well logging data. The methodical scheme was developed to solve of practical tasks using mentioned methods. An important element of the offered scheme is the formalized quality evaluation of model curves. The formalized method is offered for curves quality evaluation considering quality of both basic data and methods of data reconstruction.

Developed methodological support can be effectively used to solve practical tasks of seismic modeling on objects of Western Siberia, as well as to form a basis for further methodological support improvement with the information accumulation and transition to new objects.
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