The comprehensive approach for exploration drilling planning

Authors: P.X. Son, A.N. Ivanov, V.Yu. Kholodilov, E.V. Frolova (Research and Engineering Institute, Vietsovpetro JV, the Socialist Republic Vietnam, Vungtau)

Key words: supplementary exploration, seismic attributes, seismofacial analysis, core and wireline logs data integration, petroleum system modeling

This paper presents the results of the complex approach application in geological prospecting objectives in common, and in exploration drilling planning in the Vietnam offshore (block 09-1) in particular (as the example). Due to increased interest to non-structural geological traps, the various seismic interpretation and analysis techniques had been introduced, like the advanced seismic attributes, seismic facies analysis. Besides the detailed geological data, like core and wireline data integration is also in the field of interest of the current investigation. As the result, the 3D generation model of the Cuu Long petroleum system had been introduced. So, an integrated approach, detailed analysis and systematization of geological and geophysical data allows to determine the further competent strategy of the geological prospecting objectives and to select the areas of interest for the subsequently exploration drilling. This approach had been hold in 2012-2014 yrs., and was introduced in 2014. As the result, the local structures were found out and successfully drilled with the exploration drilling. A number of these areas led to a great success and significant contribution to the hydrocarbon reserves balance enhancement.
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